About Us

Excellence in Coding

A Team of Coders, Here for You

We’re a close-knit team of programmers who live and breathe superior code.

The High-Tech Life

We’re passionate users¬†and¬†makers of technology. We live fully within the digital realm and we understand the modern lifestyle better than most, so we’ll never tell you to put the phone down and go get some fresh air. That’s your doctor’s job. Or your mom’s.

Office Space

Nothing less than a roomy, well-lit space in the Old Town of a very old Transylvanian city fits the bill for our working environment. A blazing fast optical internet connection bridges the old with the new, and affords us low-latency worldwide communication. Is your pipe up to the challenge? If so, we’ll hold legendary stand-ups.

Beyond Code

Nothing is more beautiful than pure, efficient code. That’s a given. However, since users insist on using GUIs instead of console windows, we’ve got them covered. We have on-site graphic designers, most adept at coating our awesome bits in glamorous UI. Magic, this is.

Bits of History

Black Tree Software, est. 2006 in the heart of Transylvania, has never been your garden variety Eastern Europe outsourcing company. Since inception, this was a brotherhood of coders, bound together by common perspectives on life and software development.

The small size of the team affords great maneuverability, especially since everyone here has coding duties, i.e. there’s no one who only has business obligations. Even our CEO has to get his hands dirty, no two ways about it. Because of that, you can rest assured that our decisions regarding your product will always stem from a technical, not managerial, outlook.

We’ve undertook many software projects, almost exclusively with foreign clients, doing both product development and maintenance, and we’ve been doing it successfully for ten years.

Join us for the next ten.

Is There Something We Can Help You With?

If it’s within our skill set, we’ll do it. If not, it will be. And then we’ll do it.

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